Nice to meet you! For the last five years I have been providing photography and video for the food and beverage industry in Western Australia.


It’s my mission to provide professional images and video for restaurants, food producers, cafes, wineries and events. Bringing my clients gorgeous images to promote their business is my passion. I shoot either at your venue or at my studio in the beautiful Perth Hills. In 2022 I was super proud to be shortlisted in the prestigious Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Competition in the ‘On the Table’ Category.


I come from a family where cooking and food were highly valued and recipes and shared meals were very important. There was Jewish blood in there; and home grown veges and always access to farmers markets and roadside stalls growing up in New Zealand. My mother was a major influence on my attitude toward food and cooking and has left me with a huge jumbled hand written collection of recipes which I still use today!


I love my work at our amazing restaurants, wineries, breweries, distilleries and for food producers here in WA . I’m proud to bring these to the attention of the greater public and help businesses connect with their customers.

With a background in painting, drawing and ceramics, I bring an artist’s eye to every shoot. I used to be a teacher so I’m good with people…. bossy?! Never!


I live in the hills of Perth where I have a studio for my product photography, video (and still do some of my own art work – I love oil painting, drawing and some watercolour.


I studied online with ‘The Photography Institute’ 2017  This was an in depth hands on and very practical course which took me around 18 months. I graduated in 2018. I completed the Advanced Diploma of Food Photography with The Photography Institute 2019. I continue to learn and grow every time I do a photoshoot.


I love Photoshop, Lightroom and use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit my videos. There’s always more to learn with these amazing tools and I love that.


I’m quite passionate about how photography marries skills and technical stuff with a fleeting, magical capturing of the moment no-one can ever quite predict…the chance ray of light or movement always adds something special…if you’re lucky.

And I’ve always been amazed how photography is so much about people…relating to people, guiding them where to stand to make the shot special, making them feel relaxed, and having a sixth sense about when they’re going to smile or when to click that shutter. It’s about talking to clients and finding out exactly what they want, and working out how to bring that into reality for them.


 I am proud to work with the dedicated chefs, restauranteurs, wineries and  food businesses here in WA. I have enormous respect for the long hours of work and the imagination that goes into creating and running a successful restaurant, cafe or food business. I love the events around food and wine and am so happy to attend these and photograph the crowds and stallholders who attend them. I love featuring people on social media. I can see how hard everyone has worked to create their product or business, how they have to believe in their dream, their idea, and themselves. Especially the small producers and restaurants. We’re alike in that and I remain dedicated to them because of that.


In 2016 I helped create the images for a recipe book ‘Masters of Menu 2’  featuring dishes chosen by chefs from restaurants around the state. I remain grateful to Scott of Menu Magazine for giving me so many opportunities to learn and grow professionally.


I will meet with you personally and either do my best to create your ideas (or I can offer my own ideas to help you) to shoot your food/wine/products in a professional and creative way. I will travel to all areas of WA from Perth City, Swan Valley, South West and the Northwest. (You will have to buy the airfare!)


I am committed to giving you the images you want and need for your business.  I say, “Let me capture the magic.”

I will visit you wherever you are…or we can use my professional studio in the Perth Hills for photo shoots and video creation.


 I can help you get more customers online by advising you on your social media, Google My Business listing and website. After having built around 7 different websites, some with e commerce stores, I have a good idea of what your customers are wanting or needing to see when they visit your website or social media.