Product Portfolio
Professional product images are an investment in your business. An important investment that make your unique products stand out. Product images are created in my home studio in the Perth Hills, and edited in Photoshop. Shoots also take place on location. You can book a two, three, or four hour shoot. Prices are tailored to each job, but usually start around $300. This porfolio includes wine, beer and food product pics completed recently.
Food Portfolio
These images showcase my food photography around Perth restaurants in the last two years. I photograph food professionally for restaurants, cafes, bakers and food producers to use in their menus, advertising, social media, websites and ecommerce. I am passionate about creating your vision. Please contact me directly to discuss your needs. Call 0417 950 946
Events Portfolio
I cover food and wine events around WA, and also shoot other community and sustainability events. Please call me to discuss your next event.
Winery Portfolio
Need images to showcase a new range or special event? Or maybe you're considering a short promo video showing the beauty and great wines of your unique venue? I love shooting wineries in all their moods. I love the aromas of the cellar and the autumn colours on the vines; the full richness of harvest; workers in the early morning or guests enjoying a drop at your cellar door. I specialize in wine bottle images and offer a great price to my subscribers. These are shot in my studio in Perth Hills. Wines may be couriered to me or we can arrange pick up as I am often around the beautiful southwest of our state. I think it's important to catch the sunset or early morning at your winery so I arrange my shoots to include this where possible. Get in touch 0417 950 946
Mood Boards
I will often create a mood board for clients once we have discussed what they are wanting. This gives a good idea of the kind of images they might receive from me. It also gives the client a chance to make changes or amend those ideas.
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